Cactus Trucking and Oilfield Services, LLC Roustabouts have extensive knowledge and experience and are trained to evaluate problems and provide routine maintenance on all types of oilfield and gas equipment. We can build battery sites, demolish battery sites, lay new flow line, remove old flow line, repair leaks, build fence and any other general oilfield maintenance.

Using one of our Tandum Axle Trucks to deliver equipment such as tanks and pump jacks, heaters, water knockouts, and poly pipe and install at the same time.

Welding Services include repairing equipment on site or building new equipment in the yard and delivering for your convenience.

Our Sandblasting and Coating crew can sandblast tanks and other equipment, repair, weld and coat the equipment on site that is less expensive than buying new equipment.

Let our Crane do the heavy lifting for equipment that is too large for a winch truck. Using the crane to lift large pump jacks and tanks makes for a smooth move from one location to another.

Dump Truck and Backhoe Services are available to do site preparation or to do cleanup.

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Cliff Graves
OFFICE: 325-675-0481
CELL: 325-665-4225

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